How to Light Your Dragon

Image of How To Light Your Dragon (Life with Dragon)
Release Date: 
June 18, 2019
Thames & Hudson
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Hip-hip-hooray for the power of love! When a pet dragon’s flame goes out, a young pet dragon owner tries feverishly to figure out how to relight his dragon. Things are tough. A dragon’s reason for being revolves around a mouthful of flames. So this is important stuff. Especially for this petered out dragon. What’s a dragon without his flame, anyway? He’s kind of a . . . drag, which absolutely shows on his face. He’s not happy. His droll expression doesn’t change throughout the entire story, at least, not until a great discovery.

The story begins with:

            “Can’t breathe fire? Not even the tiniest flicker or flame?

             Has your pet dragon’s fire gone out?”

[Oh no!]

            “Don’t worry. There must be a way to relight him!”

[Sure hope so!]

And the reader is invested, because now everyone has to stick around to see how this is going to play out. It has to have a happy ending. Right?

There is a lot of:

            “Try lifting . . .” “Maybe he needs . . .” “Here’s another idea . . . “

Nothing seems to work. Until it does.

Kids will love this guess-what-happens-next story as they discover something beautiful about dragons and their owners, especially the owners who wear amazing pink fedoras.

The illustrations are colorfully hilarious. There is a wonderful juxtaposition between words and images. Young readers will find themselves smiling throughout the entire book. Note: Children with reading and tracking challenges may have a bit of a time reading this one as the font style (hand-scribed) changes from word to word, but it’s wildly imaginative and creative all the same.