Double Dip

Image of Double Dip (A Davis Way Crime Caper)
Release Date: 
January 24, 2014
Henery Press
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“. . . snappy, wise cracking, and fast paced.”

Davis Way wants to spend more time with her live-in fiancé, Bradley Cole. But the demands of her security job at the Bellisimo Casino in Biloxi are getting in the way. In addition to her long hours, Davis occasionally goes undercover to catch cheating employees and cheating guests. Her newest task will be to catch cheaters in the slot machine annual tournament.

She also has a tough assignment as the stand-in for the casino executive’s crazy wife. The red haired Davis looks just like the high profile blonde Bianca, only Davis is younger, firmer, and a whole lot nicer. Bianca cannot be bothered to make all those public appearances, so Davis has to change the color of her hair, dress in Chanel and diamonds, and impersonate the wife of her employer.

Standing in those five-inch heels is hard enough, even without a serious lack of sleep and first trimester nausea. When Bianca is shot in the foot and her personal assistant goes missing, Davis and her partner Fantasy go searching the casino for answers.

Meanwhile, Davis’ rotten ex husband Eddie shows up at Davis’ new condo needing a place to stay. So does Davis’ grandmother. Bradley has to leave town on business and just when life couldn’t get more complicated, the wildly popular casino host of the slots tournament wants to get to know Davis a whole lot better.

Davis and Fantasy discover Bianca’s nearly dead assistant in a casino garbage chute. They follow a complicated trail that leads to a seriously creepy mega church in Beehive Alabama where they find evidence of kidnapping and fraud.

Archer’s plot is intricate and her characters are likeable. Her style of writing is liberally peppered with asides to the reader. While this can be funny and unexpected, too much of it can also be distracting. A little goes a long way.

Double Dip is snappy, wise cracking, and fast paced. The reader will come to love Davis Way and all the people in her fast-paced world.