Don't Wake the Tiger! (A Changing Faces Book)

Image of Don't Wake the Tiger! (A Changing Faces Book)
Release Date: 
October 9, 2018
Abrams Appleseed
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Don’t Wake the Tiger begins right out of the gate as the tiger on the cover sleeps with eyes shut tight. A red sticker invites us to “Watch the faces change!” Intriguing.

As soon as we open the book, the sleeping tiger’s eyes spring open. A monkey informs us, “You woke the tiger!” With the help of some crafty bookmaking techniques the tiger’s perfectly round face slips from asleep to wide awake, right before our eyes. It’s okay though, he’s a friendly tiger as evidenced by his smile.

Page by page, the monkey warns us not to wake the other sleeping animals. “Shhh . . . Don’t wake the panda.” But with every other page turn, a new animal wakes, building on the anticipation. Who will we wake next?

This is the perfect peek-a-boo style book in the Changing Faces book series by Nathan Thoms, joyfully illustrated by Carles Ballesteros of Noisy Tabs series. A palette of bright colors cpmplements the glossy, bold animal images with an added potential to introduce shapes, specifically all things round.

Don’t Wake the Tiger is sure to bring wonder and giggles to babies and young toddlers. Ten hefty board book pages should withstand many readings.

A little secret: read it backward and watch as the animals fall back to sleep. Good night!