A Crazy-Much Love

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September 17, 2019
Two Lions
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“All families will appreciate the message of how crazy-much parents love their children.”

This exuberant picture book answers the questions adoptive children may have. Why did their new parents choose them? Do they belong to their new family? The answer over and over again is “It is YOU!”

Author Jordan-Lake draws on her own experience adopting a baby from China to describe how crazy-much such a child is wanted and love. The book opens “You are the one precious child—did you know?” The text goes on to describe waiting, hoping, praying for exactly this child: “It was you.” When the new mom and dad finally meet their baby, again they recognize this is their child, “It was you.” Milestones follow, from first baths to first days at school. “All those times and ALWAYS, we knew. It was you.”

The bright lively art by Sonia Sanchez is a perfect balance to the warm, loving text, adding energy and sweet details to portray a family full of “crazy-much love.” Although adoptive families will especially appreciate this book, all families will enjoy the message of how crazy-much parents love their children, a love that “would grow and grow more and spill out the windows and burst down the doors.”

There are many children's books already out there on this theme of unconditional parental love, from Guess How Much I Love You to I Love You Forever to On the Day You Were Born. It's a crowded field, but there's room for A Crazy-Much Love on these shelves, another favorite for bedtime reading.