Image of Afterthoughts (Mind Bending Series)
Release Date: 
September 27, 2015
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When perusing a thriller, readers are expected to suspend their disbelief. Circumstances that are improbable in reality are readily accepted in a fictitious world where anything is possible. Such is the case in Lynn Tincher’s Afterthoughts, the first installment in her Mind Bending suspense series. The main character, Paige Aldridge, is put through the wringer. Surviving a torturous kidnapping isn’t enough. Three of her family members succumb to murder or suicide within days of each other. To top it off, she begins to experience violent mental flashbacks. Her life is thrown into a state of total upheaval.

How does she cope? With the help of a good man, of course. There’s David, the frequently absent boyfriend. And then there’s Jay, the ever-dependable co-worker. As Jay steps in to comfort Paige, his feelings for her take a romantic turn. He doesn’t want to take advantage of her vulnerability, but the anguish of his undisclosed attraction leaves him unraveled.

Paige is unsure of everything. She is a complete mess. While reeling from a set of tragic events, she is in a purely emotional state. Employed as a police detective, her rational, analytical side is not displayed, because her mind is being manipulated by an outside force. Tincher introduces the concept of the collective conscious, an inner dimension composed of thoughts and dreams. It is Paige’s kidnapper who begins bombarding her mind with imagery of murder. His psychic aptitude is strong enough to enter her mind at will. There is only one person who can help Paige—her long lost sister, Junna. The family’s psychic abilities take center stage as the novel reaches a page-turning conclusion.

Overall, this is a quick and easy read that explores the power of mind manipulation.