Neville Jacobs: I'm Marc's Dog

Image of Neville Jacobs: I'm Marc's Dog
Release Date: 
September 19, 2016
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"The hardest working dog in fashion."
—from T magazine

Neville Jacobs: I'm Marc's Dog is a book that is meant to be enjoyed for its face value. The book just makes you smile and shake your head a bit about the absurdity of it all. No matter as you just can’t help but smile and giggle to yourself when you see Neville in all of his natural habitats. Think of it as an antidepressant that comes in book form rather than pill form.

The book is merely a hard cover album of Neville’s Instagram account which chronicles his many vacations, and of his “close friends and of course “his “daddy” who happens to be Marc Jacobs. The main character, this precious bull terrier, leads a life that most humans would kill for, and yet you are always reminded that Neville is just a dog who seems to have a deep understanding of why he was “chosen” to be a faithful companion to the designer.

Nicholas Newbold’s brief and witty commentary is for those who can appreciate all the tongue in cheek humor as well as his insights about this beloved animal. He has captured, and in some instances staged, amazing photographs or photo ops that will surely elicit at least a smile to anyone who loves pets and surely those who have a particular affection for bull terriers. There is no reason why even a child wouldn’t love this book just for its visual content.

If you are expecting some high art or some brooding commentary then move on, nothing to read here. If you just want something to make you happy, you have arrived at the right place.