Your Father Forever

Image of Your Father Forever
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September 14, 2005
Illumination Arts Publishing Company
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  Illumination Arts, September 2005 In this heartwarming story, a young father welcomes his newborn daughter into his heart on the day she is born. He promises to love her forever, to guide her, teach her new things and to always be by her side. Telling her he will read her favorite books and listen when she reads to him, be there if she has a bad dream or when she needs to be rocked to sleep, he also promises to play with her whenever she wants, share laughter and hugs when she’s afraid, welcome her friends and value her feelings. Traversing through the different stages of his daughter’s life, this dad promises to help with homework, delight when she has new discoveries, answer her questions, encourage her, and create wonderful and lasting memories for her. His final promise to her is that no matter where life leads her, he will always be there for her and always be her loving father. This expression of a father’s unconditional love is an inspiration to children and adults alike.   Written from the heart, Mr. Griffith gives us a peek into his deep and abiding love for his own child. Ms. Abreu’s exquisite watercolor illustrations draw in the reader with its softness and highly realistic depictions of children and family life. Reviewer Nancy Carty Lepri is the author of the children’s book, Tiny Angel.