William Klein: Celebration

Image of William Klein: Celebration
Release Date: 
May 21, 2019
La Fabrica
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William Klein is responsible for lensing some of the most iconic, memorable, legendary and ubiquitous fashion images, so you might be expecting this glamorous coffee table volume that will chronicle those works. William Klein: Celebration is exactly what it says it is—a celebration of his work as curated by him—and it’s not just fashion. If you do your homework on him, you will find out that he is equally noted for his photojournalism and is ranked 25th on Professional Photographer's list of 100 most influential photographers.

In his own words he said of this book “Why not Celebration New York, Rome, Moscow, Tokyo? What I know, what I discover, what I affirm what I show you, what I love. It comes from nowhere, from everywhere, but it’s there I celebrate it.”

What makes this little gem of a book so wonderful is that the reader is given some insight into just how a photographer, and in this case William Klein, sees the world. Rarely in a studio, often on the streets, William Klein sees what is right in front of all of us, but he captures a spilt second that speaks volumes yet seems so ordinary. Klein’s work is any but ordinary.

The book is geared to those who are fans of William Klein’s oeuvre over the past six decades or for those who fancy themselves photography aficionados.