Where's Karl?: A Fashion-Forward Parody

Image of Where's Karl?: A Fashion-Forward Parody
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September 14, 2015
Potter Style
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Here is another case of where the book needs to have a warning label stating that this book is meant for millennials or younger who are into fashion. Based on a series of storybooks, Where’s Waldo, which was conceived in 1986 (thank you, Wikipedia), but leaves many boomers without a clue unless of course children are a big part of your life. It is one of the extremely rare times that this reviewer was forced to consult the press release due to my inability to find the humor in or modus operandi of this book.

On the plus side, each double page illustration that accompanies each “destination” is truly amazing. One wishes that they were mural sized so that the viewer could point out all the so called celebrities who are present. Once again, millennials have far better vision than we boomers.  

Frankly, the supposedly witty and snarky text has already been better stated by Karl himself, and way too much of it comes off as fawning, gossipy, and name dropping rather than true humor. It would be my recommendation to read the books that have been “penned” by Karl himself to get the true essence of this icon’s wit and personality.

As a fan of Mr. Lagerfeld, it saddens me to have him used as a millennial vehicle or ploy for attention but then again he is so irreverent and unpredictable that this might just the kind of thing that he would applaud. Very few authors have mastered the art of written humor and/or sarcasm and it must be said that IMHO, Ms. Aki and Ms. Caldwell are surely not among those who are gifted. The two authors have this unmistakable type of “valley girl” and colloquial way of speaking/writing that frankly offends and annoys.

Lastly, again, Where’s Karl might be wildly appealing to a millennial fashionphile, but this boomer was left disappointed and a bit put off. As they say, Whatever!