The Watch Book II

Image of The Watch Book II (English, German and French Edition)
Release Date: 
October 14, 2016
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Chronometry is the measuring of time, and horology is the science of measuring time or the art of making instruments for indicating time.

If neither of these words intrigues you nor elicits feelings of curiosity, move on. These are words that are commonly used in the parlance of timekeeping and more specifically in the world of fine watches. The Watch Book II explores the history of 24 brands that are only a part of this rarefied world.

Brunner explains to the reader each of the brand’s evolutionary histories as well as why they have been included in this most elite list of watchmakers who are only a part of what is a multi-billion dollar industry. Some names you will recognize and some will be unknown to 99% of the readers, but what makes each one so engaging is the how they evolved into what they are today within this realm.

The book is of first-rate quality cover to cover, the photography is laser sharp, and the curations of brands is quite engaging. If there is a flaw here, it would be that the text might tend to be a tad esoteric in parts as the author’s  assumption that every reader will know the definition of all the “lingo” that is particular to timekeeping might be a bit overly generous.

If the prospective reader is looking for a more catalog driven point of view then this book will not be your cup of tea. This is a book that stimulates the brain as well as the visual senses. In order to gain its fullest appreciation, this book needs to be read and not just skimmed or perused.