Vogue: Like a Painting

Image of Vogue: Like a Painting
Release Date: 
November 24, 2015
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
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Vogue Like a Painting is a love letter to fashion, photography and Vogue itself. The volume serves as a catalog for the exhibition of the same name, which closed in October of 2015 after six months at the Museo Thyseen-Bornemisza in Madrid and was sponsored by, yes you guessed it, Vogue.

What is most fascinating here is that the exhibition explores the comingling of fine art, fashion, and photography, which produces 67 incredible images. Each of the images has been inspired by a great work of art, and each image has been photographed by one of the greatest photographers of our times.

The reader should take note that the emphasis here is on the end result and not just about clothes. With this said, the appeal of such a book is far more vast than just another fashion monograph, which certainly increases its cachet for those interested in a more general topic of photography/art and fashion. The accompanying text is brief to the point and informative as it should be for a catalog of this nature and once again raises the question about whether or not fashion should be considered an art form.

If there is a deficit here, it is that seeing the original inspiration for each final image surely would have enhanced our appreciation of the end result.