Valuable Content Marketing: How to Make Quality Content the Key to Your Business Success

Image of Valuable Content Marketing: How to make quality content the key to your business success
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February 21, 2013
Kogan Page
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“. . . an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs in services and products industries . . .”

The effectiveness of traditional mass marketing strategies has dwindled for years.

Today potential customers expect more from the organizations they eventually buy from. More than ever today’s customers seek valuable information that will help them solve a specific problem. Customers want this information without being sold something.

With all of the information available via the Internet, how does the best business/person get noticed in the sea of information? Valuable Content Marketing has the answers. “Whatever industry you are in the search is on. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the right content will get you found.”

The information highway and supportive technology have changed the way successful organizations market their products and/or services. Valuable Content Marketing is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs in services and products industries because it explains how to harness the information highway and transform a website into a central hub for sound business leads. This book is so well organized and comprehensive that it is its own valuable content.

Each chapter clearly explains why its marketing concepts and components are important. The authors include case studies of companies and people who have successfully implemented strategies from the chapter to reinforce the information that is presented. Tips and additional resources pertaining to each chapter topic are found, followed closely by a bulleted list of action items to encourage the reader to follow through.

Valuable Content Marketing includes assistance with and ideas associated with building and sharing valuable content. From apps and search engine optimization to Twitter and YouTube, this book contains and explains all the tools and resources needed for marketers and business owners at any experience and technology level. It is a must-have reference. It will change the way the informed, traditional marketer markets.

The authors clearly practice what they preach by including lists of additional books to read related to each chapter topic. They also offer more tools and helpful advice on navigating and using social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter as a follow-up to this book.