Tonne Goodman: Point of View

Image of Tonne Goodman: Point of View
Release Date: 
April 8, 2019
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“A book that should not be hidden but proudly displayed and offered to others.”

There are many titles that fill this genre, but there are so few that truly raise the bar. Tonne Goodman: Point of View, even from the outside, is a book that can easily be described as slick, chic, and head and shoulders above so many others. She recounts a life story that so many would be envious of except that it just happens to be her life story.

Her personal biographical details are spelled out in rather abbreviated but more than sufficient text, but the real story is her professional life, which is shown visually with incredible and indelible images that stagger the imagination.

In fashion, there is so little thought given to anything other than the designers and the finished images when perusing a fashion magazine, but it is the people who are never singled out who are genuinely responsible for the image itself. Tonne Goodman is one of those behind the scenes people who have worked tirelessly, creatively, and instinctively with few equals as an architect of fashion media.

By reading the text, the reader gains the essential insight and information required to understand how and from where all these glorious covers, ads, and editorials stemmed from. Tonne Goodman is one of those people who was never really in the spotlight and was never a name bandied about like Anna Wintour or Diana Vreeland, but having worked for them and with them both, she certainly rates as their professional peer and not some underling following orders from a dictatorial top of the masthead.

There is not much to say and no words are sufficient to describe the life and times of this particular fashion prodigy. This reader, having been a devoted fashionphile and warrior for over four decades, never put together that Tonne and Wendy are sisters—Who says there is no gene for creativity? So if you consider yourself a true dyed in the wool fashionphile then this is a book you need to own. For the uninitiated or neophytes of fashion Tonne Goodman: Point of View should serve as a primer in learning what there is to know about how fashion happens after the design process.

A book that should not be hidden but proudly displayed and offered to others.