Timeless Paris: Ateliers Emporiums Savoir Faire (ART - LANGUE ANGLAISE)

Image of Timeless Paris: Ateliers Emporiums Savoir Faire
Release Date: 
October 4, 2021
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Paris is a good idea anytime—especially when you have Marin Montagut as your tour guide through a city that defines style, fashion, history, and imagination.

It is not difficult to consider many designers of the past and present visiting these places for anything and everything from inspiration to materials, to art supplies to personal bibelots for their homes and offices. Montagut does indeed offer a highly curated tour that can be appreciated on so many levels of artistry, fashion, style, and history.

Some stops on his itinerary will be familiar to the informed reader and traveler, and this reader was magically swept into Timeless Paris as if reading someone’s personal journal. Montagut’s illustrations are flawlessly executed in a way that speaks to their subject matter, and his text is brief, informative, to the point, and enlightening.

This is a treasure of a book for the more erudite reader who wants to go beyond fashion in its most literal sense and explore and conjure thoughts of who might have frequented these Parisian heritage haunts. In other words, if you are looking for a book that only deals in fashion, then this is a pass, but if you dare to daydream about all the possibilities and facets of fashion, then this is a book you must own, read, and cherish.