These Girls

Image of These Girls: A Novel
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April 10, 2012
Washington Square Press
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“Powerful, moving, and inspiring These Girls offers a look into the world of true female friendships . . .”

Three unique young women each stand on the brink of success in life but all carry a secret that threatens to consume them and destroy any chance they may have at the achievement of their most treasured goals—including the ability to be open up and forge meaningful friendships with the women around them.

In her newest novel Sarah Pekkanen explores the bonds we create with those truly special women in our lives: the ones who help make and shape who we are and who we will become, those who will catch us when we falter, and those who play leading parts in the moments that define our lives. These are the women who become our deepest confidantes and true chosen sisters in life.

The ever ambitious Cate seems to have all she could dream of as she ascends to the position of Features Editor at Gloss magazine, but a secret from her past threatens to expose what she views as her unworthiness for this highly coveted position. Other complications arise when her boss begins to make advances toward her, not only leading to office gossip but also making Cate wonder how she obtained her position in the first place. Will her past catch up with her or will her constant vigilance to cover her tracks allow her to keep her dream job even at the highest of costs?

Renee is a woman on a mission to not only attain her personal weight goals for her seemingly always resistant body but to also achieve what she views as an acceptable image of a woman in the New York magazine world. As an out of this world motivation she seeks to also ascend to the newly opened position of Beauty Editor at Gloss.

While attractive with a voluptuous figure that many women would covet, Renee feels the undeniable pressure to lose weight and decides no price is too high to achieve her goals—and possibly attract the man of her dreams. As the numbers on the scale begin to fall so do Renee’s ability to keep a hold of reality. Who will catch her when she literally falls?

Abby is a girl on the run from her past. Deeply distraught, confused ,and about to collapse from an emotional experience of gigantic proportions, she seeks out her journalist brother Trey with whom she has always found comfort; however this time big brother may not be able to offer the solace or compassion Abby needs.

Family secrets, a lost love, and a deep depression all threaten to tear Abby apart and leave her destitute, without a confidante in the world. Can she truly open up to the two women who come to her rescue or will her silence keep her locked in a prison of her own making forever?

As each women battles her past, present and future, friendship inspires and bonds are formed that may rescue all—if only the women can put down their barriers and trust in one another and the support that surrounds them.

Powerful, moving, and inspiring These Girls offers a look into the world of true female friendships allowing readers to see the power and love that can be contained within.

Sarah Pekkanen has once again created characters that are real in every sense of the word. These women have faults, secrets, and fears that many women may share, representing the average reader and allowing for an absolutely intimate personal reading experience.

Fresh, surprising, and innovative, These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen is a novel to be shared with best friends and talked over late into the night. It is a work that can strengthen bonds already formed and encourage women to take that leap of faith and discover the undeniably sacred benefits of true friendship. Well thought out and beautifully written, These Girls is a novel within which each woman can find not only themselves, but also each other.