The Perfect Match

Image of The Perfect Match (The Blue Heron Series, 2)
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November 20, 2013
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"The Perfect Match is the perfect match for readers who love big families and humor."

Honor Holland manages Blue Heron Vineyards, her family’s winery, and is the glue that holds everyone together. She is the logical, responsible daughter, the sister who listens, the granddaughter who watches over her aging grandparents, and the best friend who assumes everyone is being honest with her. What Honor doesn’t know how to do is take care of her own needs, but she’s content.


When a visit to her gynecologist on her 35 birthday suggests her childbearing years are almost over, Honor realizes it’s time for some changes.

Mechanical engineer and college professor Tom Barlow is in the United States for one important reason: Charlie, his unofficial stepson. He left his home in England to stay connected to the boy. Despite Tom’s efforts, however, Charlie wants nothing to do with him, preferring instead to sulk and wear lots of black.

When the college at which Tom teaches cannot renew his visa, he must make a difficult decision—find another way to stay in the United States or give up on Charlie.

Will Honor and Tom be the answers to each other’s prayers? Will they be The Perfect Match?

Hands down, the absolute best parts of The Perfect Match, the second book in the Blue Heron Series by Kristan Higgins, are the internal conversations Honor has with her eggs. That’s right. The eggs in her ovaries. They are snarky and pressuring her like a nosy mother-in-law wishing—wishing hard—for grandbabies. They call her names, point out all her relationship mistakes, and are eager to be fertilized by a sexy man. “Do something about it,” the eggs said. They were now sporting bifocals and quite irritable.

“Can you please get a move on here? We’re going to bed when Dancing with the Stars is over.” The eggs provide many laugh-out-loud moments for readers to enjoy.

Another fun aspect of this book is the relationships between Honor’s father and the housekeeper, Mrs. J. and between her grandparents, Goggy and Pops. Dad and Mrs. J. act like a couple of teenagers, sneaking around and often getting caught. Goggy and Pops exchange so many biting barbs it’s difficult to keep score but easy to wish they were your own grandparents. The way Honor interacts with these family members also adds to her overall likability.

Honor Holland herself is a wonderful character. Ms. Higgins provides many opportunities for readers to want Honor as a friend or relative. She is considerate, dependable, maybe lacks fashion sense but otherwise would totally stay up late eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with you if that was what you needed.

Let’s not forget Honor’s ex, Brogan Cain, and her “best friend,” Dana Hoffman. A classic self-centered jerk and a me-first friend, Brogan and Dana make readers hope for Honor’s happily ever after even more. These two supporting characters provide ample motivation for Honor to take chances and realize that she deserves her own happiness.

The hero of The Perfect Match is where this story is a bit lacking. Tom Barlow is supposed to be a charming British professor, but he just doesn’t come across as that I-have-a-British-accent-and-everything-I-say-sounds-hot type of guy. The “mates” and “loves” that are tacked on to his lines of dialogue don’t add to his . . . Britishness. In fact, they sound forced.

Tom’s need to make sure his unofficial stepson Charlie is properly cared for, however, adds a layer of irresistibility. Any man willing to try that hard for a kid he isn’t even related to has to be applauded. The way he relates to Honor keeps the pages turning as well. He also has a super Alpha Moment at the end of the book that is completely worth the read and may even require cheering aloud.

Overall, with its cast of characters, many from The Best Man, the first book in the Blue Heron Series, The Perfect Match is the perfect match for readers who love big families and humor.

Oh, and wine! Lots of tasty wine.