[Sur]Naturel Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects (Langue anglaise)

Image of [Sur]Naturel Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects
Release Date: 
February 2, 2021
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Anyone who will read this monograph will be much more interested in the haute joaillerie than in the very well researched and enlightening text that accompanies the jaw dropping photos of Cartier’s masterpieces. In essence the text is almost superfluous to the main event which is the magnificent assortment of Cartier’s vast output and their relation to nature in its many manifestations.

The book contains current pieces as well as those of the vintage and archival variety. What is so compelling in this volume is that most of, if not all of, the vintage pieces have never appeared in other tomes from this maison of haute joaillerie except of course for some of the glorious "Tutti Frutti" collection that has been expanded to meet the current tastes and times.

What is also of interest is that Cartier has explored everything from alligators to panthers to the most delicate flowers and then to mystery clocks. Nature is a theme and not necessarily a subject for this particular series of creations.

This is a book for the Cartier obsessed as well for the haute joaillerie fanatic. [Sur]Naturel Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects is a must have for those who collect the many monographs that focus on this heritage brand and for any reader who relishes seeing the craftsmanship and finished product of this fine jewelry maison.