Some of It Was Real

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July 26, 2022
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Some of it Was Real is a beautiful, well-written, and well-structured novel that is easily worthy of five stars.”

Nan Fischer’s novel Some of it Was Real is a fast-paced story about a young psychic medium being checked out by Thomas, a Los Angeles Times reporter, looking to write an expose about bogus psychic mediums. The burning question about Sylvie, the main character, is whether she has a true gift or is a fraud. It’s Thomas’ job to find out. Sylvie is not your typical psychic medium who reads fortunes for a few dollars at funfairs. She has an agent who has helped her gain an international global standing with big shows across the US, allowing her to earn a decent living and notoriety.

At first, the reader may question if the practice of communicating between spirits in the afterlife and their loved ones on earth is good reading fodder. But it quickly becomes clear that Fischer’s writing talent ensures the reader becomes completely hooked.   

Thomas has a love-hate relationship with psychic-mediumship. His mother was obsessed with it for over 20 years and tried to make contact with Thomas’s father and brother, who tragically died in a car accident when he was a teenager. Sylvie, too, had an unconventional start in life. Adopted as a young girl, she knows little about her birth parents.

In his research, Thomas delves into Sylvie’s past and discovers many unexplained events. He confronts her about this and is unsatisfied with her response. He gives her an ultimatum: either cooperate with him and get answers to her past or risk him writing a highly skeptical piece about her past life, upbringing, and supposed ability as a psychic medium.

This places her in a difficult position. Sylvie is estranged from her adoptive parents, but she must turn to them for answers to pacify Thomas so he doesn’t destroy her career. Hence, she agrees to cooperate with him, and together they set out on a journey to find the truth that will help decide whether Sylvie has a natural gift for connecting with the afterlife or she is a charlatan out to trick people of their money with phony nonsense.

The gripping storyline is palpable and perfectly executed by Fischer. The novel also contains many sexy interludes. Despite coming across as a bit of a nerd, Thomas is cute looking (according to Sylvie). He is tall, with a toned body, and a bulge in his jeans. While he tries his best to be professional and subjective in order to find “dirt” on Sylvia for his article, his urges sometimes get the better of him. Thomas describes Sylvie as pretty and blond with beautiful breasts, and he aches to be inside of her despite trying his best not to fancy her. This adds an extra layer of intrigue to the plot over several chapters, making the reader wonder if they will/won’t sleep together.

Some of it Was Real is a beautiful, well-written, and well-structured novel that is easily worthy of five stars. There is no element of the story that is left to chance. All loose ends are neatly tidied up before the story is deemed complete. This story is as much about human beings needing to feel they belong in the world as it is about feeling comfort that loved ones are safe and well in the afterlife and still connected to those left behind. The novel is quirky at times because of Sylvie’s psychic abilities. Still, if that does not nourish the reader, there is a good chance that the sexual tension and chemistry between Sylvie and Thomas will whet many appetites. In fact, a few reading glasses may become steamed in the process!