Sixième Sens par Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects

Image of Sixième Sens par Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects
Release Date: 
February 8, 2022
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There are few, if any, of the legendary heritage brands that can compare or compete with what Cartier has produced during its 175 years of operation. One might say that Cartier is the king, or queen, of haute joallerie brands that is still adding to their selection of existing classifications, as well as expanding with brand new innovative groupings to add to the already seemingly endless Cartier lexicon of style.

“The eye is rapt and then enraptured.”

Sixième Sens par Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects is the latest tome that catalogs the newest additions to the already heaving archive that bears the name Cartier. Readers will be reminded that Cartier is not only known for its jewelry but also for its objets de vertu (boxes, clocks, and more) that grow year after year since the brand’s founding. Chaille’s text is neatly and tightly offered to discuss the whys and wherefores that offer context for these additions.

Cartier’s roster of books is one of most exquisitely rendered, conceived, and photographed series of books within this genre of haute joallier. There is no doubt that those who appreciate the art of fine jewelry making will find this book to be an essential part of their library.

Once the reader finishes this volume, they might think that the seemingly impossible is suddenly proven to be possible. This reader certainly found the need to go back and look at everything that appeared before his eyes—astounding!

While most of what we are awed by will be way beyond our budgets, this book can surely be a great Valentine gift for those whom you love and who you wish that you could gift with any one of these amazing pieces.