Silverlicious (Pinkalicious)

Image of Silverlicious (Pinkalicious)
Release Date: 
January 31, 2011
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When Silverlicious bites into her brother Peter’s cookie, she loses her tooth. It’s not just any tooth—it’s her sweet tooth! Peter is upset, saying her tooth fell out because she ate his cookie.

Excited about losing her tooth, Silverlicious writes a note to the tooth fairy, asking her to bring her something sweet. That night she tries to stay awake to see her, but ends up falling asleep. When she awakens, she finds a note from Carlos Cupid. Cupid writes that Tootheetina, the Tooth Fairy, is not available, so he has come in her place. Cupid leaves her with a room full of red hearts and candy—candy that tastes like coal to Silverlicious.

Silverlicious calls Peter into her room to show him what she got. He happily enjoys eating the candy, which surprises Silverlicious. Why does it taste horrid to her but not to Peter?

The next night, she writes a note to Cupid. She plans to stay awake to take his picture to bring to school. In her note, she tells him the candy he left tasted horrible. Unfortunately, she again falls asleep, and the next morning wakes to find another note, this time from the Easter Bunny.

Every night a different character continues to visit, all leaving Silverlicious distinctive types of candy—and all the candy tastes terrible to her. What’s a girl to do without a working sweet tooth?

Little girls are sure to love this book. The imaginative story along with the colorful and whimsical illustrations is delightful. The young reader also learns a fun lesson. A great addition to all the –licious books.