Self-Care in Underwear: Self-Care in Underwear

Image of Self-Care in Underwear: Yoga in Your Undies, Bubble Baths, and 50+ More Ways to Improve Well-Being
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August 1, 2022
Chronicle Books
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Self-Care in Underwear is another lovely gift book from Ton Mak. Get one for your friends who need a gentle reminder to be here now.”

Delightful—that’s the best way to describe author Ton Mak’s latest gift book, Self-Care in Underwear.

Mak is known for the “chubby” characters she creates in the FLABJACKS universe. In Self-Care in Underwear, the reader follows No-Pants Pansy, a round-shaped humanoid with a tiny mouth between her eyes. Pansy enjoys taking care of herself, and doing so while wearing underwear with fantastic, ebullient prints. She is a character to whom many of us can relate: less than perfect and joyfully doing the best she can to enjoy herself.

Arranged around several themes, Self-Care in Underwear begins by reminding the reader to take care of ourselves. “Self-care doesn’t have to be luxurious. . . . It can be as simple as pausing for a moment. . . . ” There are no difficult to follow plans or lofty goals presented. The point of this book is to remind us to be in the moment and enjoy it.

There are several lovely features to the book. Though hardcover, the cover is padded, feeling a bit squishy, as Pansy probably would be. The pages of the book are brightly colored, adding whimsy to the read. The font is larger sized, so the feel while reading it is of reading a children’s book. All of this adds to the whimsy and feel-good-emotions the book elicits in the reader.

The book’s illustrations are key to the enjoyment of the read. Pansy is not traditionally pretty, giving her a salt-of-the-earth or everyperson appeal. Pansy is eccentric, wearing brightly colored clothes that may or may not be attractive to others. Go Pansy! She is every bit herself without pandering to those around her or being concerned with what they might think of her choices.

Pansy loves animals, both cats and dogs. Animal lovers will appreciate the fact that Pansy enjoys lying in bed or on the sofa with a companion animal. She shows us that simply being at home with those we love is a great way to spend a day.

A homebody, Pansy teaches us that there are activities in our day-to-day life that can be enjoyable. Whether it’s making and eating soup, clearing out a closet, or lying in bed for a few extra minutes in the morning, we can turn everyday activities into ways to take care of ourself with intention and purpose.

There are practical suggestions in the book, like putting lotion on slowly or staying hydrated, but there’s nothing new for someone who is struggling to learn how to engage in self-care. This is not a self-help book. Rather it’s a gentle reminder that by slowing down, accepting who we are, and being in connection with those we love, we are in truth taking care of ourselves.

Self-Care in Underwear is another lovely gift book from Ton Mak. Get one for your friends who need a gentle reminder to be here now.