As Seen in BLITZ: Fashioning '80s Style

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June 16, 2013
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If you are not an avid fan of fashion or an aficionado of the 80s London scene then this book is not for you; but if you love all things and fashion and want to see what it truly meant to be cutting edge as well as being prescient in the world of fashion, As Seen in Blitz is the book you must dash out and purchase.

Iain R. Webb retells one of the most notoriously fashionable and fashionably revolutionary decades of fashion via photographic editorials. Yes, the title is exactly what it says as Blitz was the top of the heap when it came to the latest and greatest in the world of non-mainstream fashion. Mr. Webb was a wunderkind of sorts who felt and lived the pulse of London during the 80s.

The reader will find brands that most probably they have never heard of as well as brands that are as common in fashion as the name Smith is in a local phone book. There are photographers who have gone on to fame and fortune as well as models, designers, and makeup artists covered here.

Accompanying each editorial is an example of the brand’s raison d’etre as well as text from the designers, models, photographers, or others who took part in that particular shoot. The reader will be amused and enlightened as well as astounded by the overall content of this paean to Blitz, whose influence was as farreaching as its readership and imagination.

Having spent decades within the world of fashion, this reader was anxious to read it all and be reminded of a decade or a “moment in time” when there was no greater art or form of self-expression than that of fashion. As Seen in Blitz is a must for all those who are engaged with fashion and life as it was in the 80s.