See This Little Dot

Image of See This Little Dot
Release Date: 
March 12, 2024
Creative Editions
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“See this little dot?

It’s not

just a blot

on a page.”

True to its mission of pairing clear and compelling written content with “the most brilliant illustrations,” Creative Editions—an imprint of The Creative Company, founded in 1932—can be proud of their next thought-provoking and eye-catching creation in Jane Yolen’s and Laetitia Devernay’s newest picture book, See This Little Dot.

Yolen demonstrates her imaginative, free-verse writing style in the concise prose on each page, producing more of a thought than a story about the nature of the ubiquitous dot—not just in art but in nature and everything else that surrounds us.

But the true beauty of this book lies in French artist and graphic designer Laetitia Devernay’s unique, detailed, cut-out illustrations that accompany Yolen’s text. From the buttons atop trumpet valves to the dirt and wheels on roller skates to the eyes of birds, circus animals, squid, snails and flying insects—Devernay provides countless examples of how the simple dot permeates the world around us. Her straightforward and vibrant colors and textures make every image pop off the page in a way that begs you to touch it, as well as to attempt recreation with scissors and construction paper of your own. The highlights are the large, globular, mandala-like patterns of colorful insects and birds that seem to glow against their black backgrounds, each juxtaposed with a single planetary circle in the distance.

See This Little Dot picture book would make a good addition to every elementary, middle- and even high-school art classroom and will certainly make an eye-catching addition to your child’s bookshelf.