The Photographic Work of Robin Broadbent

Image of The Photographic Work of Robin Broadbent
Release Date: 
September 26, 2017
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“Broadbent breaks the mold of fashion imagery in ways that most cannot fathom.”

The Photographic Work of Robin Broadbent is nothing that you might expect and everything you might imagine. Broadbent takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary, the common becomes uncommon, and the pedestrian almost esoteric. These photos are deceptively simple.

Think of a lipstick tube, uncooked rice, a lighter, or even an engagement ring—all miraculously transformed into a hyper realistic art form via lighting, proportion, and overall perspective. Broadbent is most definitely an acquired taste and almost certainly a photographer’s photographer. He is not all about mass appeal, models, and moody images. This is in your face, maximum effect, high impact photography.

The Photographic Work of Robin Broadbent is a highly personal and intimate examination of this man’s body of work. The text is poetic if not allegorical. There are messages to be deciphered and emotions to be sorted out—not a run of the mill fashion photography volume.

The prospective reader must be prepared to read the text, which will hopefully provide greater context and insights into the mindset of this uber talented lensman.   

The images and the text provoke the reader to think, to try to see what the photographer sees and why he sees it. Keep in mind Broadbent is classified as a still life photographer of inanimate objects of fashion or everyday life. There have been few, if any, books mounted by a photographer that actually ignite the thought process. Broadbent is undoubtedly a complex man with a sense of fantasy even as he is deeply rooted in reality.  

If you have grown weary of fashion photography books that focus on memorializing pretty clothes on pretty models, then here is a book that will turn your head around to see that fashion can be perceived in so many different ways. Broadbent breaks the mold of fashion imagery in ways that most cannot fathom.