Resonances de Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects

Image of Resonances de Cartier: High Jewelry and Precious Objects
Release Date: 
February 6, 2018
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Spectacular isn’t even close to a word that would properly or sufficiently describe the contents and execution of Resonances de Cartier. There has been a spate of books focusing on the legendary brand, and each one seems to go further and further over the top superseding the one before it. Obviously this is a book aimed at those who are visually stimulated, mega fans of haute joallier, and those who have more than just a passing interest in the legacy and legend of this heritage brand.

“A stone pulsates, born of the telluric forces that shaped our universe. It carries atoms of the world’s first awakening. This is the mystery behind the conception of the Resonances de Cartier collection to take each stone for what it is in its innermost heart, to hear it beat, to hear the song emanating from its form, it color, its glow, and then to build around it that will become the echo chamber.”

In lay terms you might interpret this as meaning that you will be able to see some of the most remarkable and mind bending creations ever to have been created in the Cartier workrooms. Resonances de Cartier is no mere catalog of rings and bracelets, but it is quite literally a visual chronicle of the reimagining of the brand for the 21st century in the most lavish and luxurious way.

Every possible memory you may have of vintage Cartier has been reinvented and reworked to accommodate some of the most astounding and jaw dropping gemstones in the world. For example, you will see how the famous tutti frutti collection has been brought into this century as well as being extrapolated into contiguous groupings that resemble the original; you are bearing witness to the almost inconceivable and incomprehensible workmanship and techniques that Cartier is still able to employ in their ateliers.

This is not only a quintessential coffee table book, but it is also a once in a lifetime publication that allows the reader to see the miracles and prowess of Cartier, some from rendering through completion and some just in their final form. There are groups of unique pieces for the home, evening bags, mystery clocks, tiaras, and wildly extravagant jewels that you could ever imagine—all of them “in your hands” when you read and learn about the wonders of Cartier.

If you fancy yourself a jewelry lover or aficionado, then this is a book you must own since the integrity of all that is Cartier is still being revered with the quality of everything that is within this volume.