René Lacoste

Image of René Lacoste
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August 28, 2018
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René Lacoste created probably the most ubiquitous and enduring brand logo that comes to mind; decades before there was Ralph Lauren’s polo pony there was the Lacoste alligator. What the prospective reader will come to discover is that this man was far more fascinating than just his legacy and that his skilled and agile mind and body earns him far more than just the mere moniker of being a designer.

With that said, this is not a book filled with glorious images of the evolution of that piqué alligator logo polo short; this is a book that speaks to the man and his life of which that shirt was only a small portion and yet it is his enduring imprimatur and contribution to the world of fashion.

Without a doubt this reviewer can state that he was fascinated by this man of great style, astounding sportsmanship and so many personal quirks, peculiarities, and almost phobic habits to keep any reader absorbed. One might say that René Lacoste is a character study rather than just a book about fashion.

“Beyond technique and tactics, there is instinct. And above all, intuition. That silhouette of the man in white, which Rene Lacoste invented and embodied, was as thoroughbred as his own unmistakable persona. Like Chanel’s little black dress, the Chemise Lacoste shattered conventions.”

The inquisitive and hungry reader will find that Benaïm has woven an incredible life story of a man who most believe only stood for and was about an alligator shirt but there is so much more to be gleaned from this book’s reading. If you are in search of a strictly  fashion centric book, then this might not be what you are looking for. But if you enjoy a story about a brilliant man’s life that happens to include fashion then this is a must read.