The Rebel Entrepreneur: Rewriting the Business Rulebook

Image of The Rebel Entrepreneur: Rewriting the Business Rulebook
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August 17, 2012
Kogan Page
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“. . . explains why, in many cases, the received wisdom on entrepreneurship just isn't the best way of doing things. . . . invaluable insights on how successful entrepreneurship really works.”

Uncertain times, corporate layoffs, and generally stagnant global economies have fueled interest in entrepreneurship activities.

Fledgling and wannabe entrepreneurs represent a growing community that seeks usable and practical advice for the keys to success.

Jonathan Moules profiles the challenges faced by the hundreds of companies he has studied as the Financial Times Enterprise Editor and offers “going against the grain” advice to beginning entrepreneurs.

He breaks down the advice into eight areas: financing, pricing, leadership, business models, cost management, sales strategies, the need to change, and the fear of failure.

Within each of these areas, Mr. Moules bucks traditional findings and offers alternative thinking.

For example, he challenges the need for bank loans to start and grow a business, the need for a business plan, and the action of cutting costs to survive. Other counterintuitive notions addressed include propositions that too much funding can lead to poor financial management and reluctance to innovate; an original idea may not be the best path to pursue when you can learn from an existing idea and make a better brand.

The work interweaves intriguing stories, validated advice, and statistical evidence in an easy-to-read narrative style to make its points. I found myself “dog-earring” many pages I wanted to go back and revisit.

The reader will learn not only why entrepreneurs succeed, but also how they fail totally or fail to achieve full potential through thoughtful analysis of long-established companies as well as young firms born in the Internet era such as Twitter, Gilt Groupe, Criteo, the Draft House, and Netscape.

Celebrity entrepreneurs such as James Dyson, Richard Branson, and Steve Jobs are also discussed for clues to achieving success.

The Rebel Entrepreneur is an intriguing and valuable resource for those wanting to know about starting a business venture based on unconventional wisdom. It is not for those looking for a simple formula or step-by-step guide. It is for those who crave invaluable insights on how successful entrepreneurship really works.