A Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies

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December 15, 2009
The Minimal Press
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A Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies is a series of slices of life followed by essays. These essays highlight thoughts expanded in the each short work immediately following the brief introductory comment at the beginning of every chapter.

A Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies is broken into four parts by the author: Assessing the Situation, Gathering Fragments of Desire, Living with Full Spectrum Communication, and Conclusion. The conclusion section is filled with myriad phrases for spiritual help. Reviewing these phrases, the reader can create a series of assertions as a guide throughout each day, making life easier to understand, all while improving dealing with quotidian life.

This book is spiritual but not preachy. The short stories seem applicable to everyday life, even including a bit of humor here and there. Overall, it is a well-written look at how to cope with what life puts in one’s path. The choice of how to approach these issues is aided by the provision of simple steps in changing the way one perceives them. The ability to change one’s perspective when the issue may seem insurmountable is also offered as a solution: We can only change our perceptions; we cannot change those of others.

If you are looking for a good read, and might be looking for some affirmations to help you better enjoy your life, A Phrase Book for Spiritual Emergencies is a book for you.