Pearl Necklace

Image of The Pearl Necklace
Release Date: 
October 31, 2016
Assouline Publishing
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Vivienne Becker is owed a debt for proffering the coveted, historical, symbolism, esthetic, and mystery of the pearl necklace, Akoya pearls, and of course Mikimoto. The Pearl Necklace is without a doubt one of the most exquisitely rendered and written books of its genre. There are not enough superlatives or accolades to shower upon both author and content

The Pearl Necklace is primarily a photograph-laden monograph, but when combined with the most incisive, informative, and enlightening text, this is a book that rises to the top of the heap. Granted, the reader must have the interest, the curiosity, and the appreciation for what lies between these covers, but there are not many who would be unable to appreciate or decipher its content. The overall physicality of the book, the quality of the reproductions, and the quotes attributed to the subject are in an arena that few books can match.

“The pearl necklace is a symbol of feminine purity, a sign of status and power, an emblem of tradition, and a quintessential heirloom, and yet it is precisely because of these cons—old and enduring associations—that it has offered an irresistible invitation to subversive reinterpretation.”

Within this genre of books, Mikimoto is rarely raised as a player within the sphere of haute joallier, yet the brand has been an under the radar player for over a century. Becker provides a compelling, concise, and intelligent history of the founder, the brand, and its ongoing legacy within the world of haute joallier. Do you honestly know the origins of an Akoya pearl? Did you know that Kokichi Mikimoto was given the moniker of “the pearl king”? If you see yourself as an aficionado of fine jewelry then this book is an absolute necessity to read and own.

"My dream is to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls." —Kokichi Mikimoto, Founder

It is doubtless that you will ever find a tome that comes close to this superior specimen of reading material. This is doubtless a book to be treasured as well as displayed proudly since it offers the silent signal that you are among the cognoscenti when it comes to pearls, Mikimoto, and fine jewelry.