Parisian Chic Look Book: What Should I Wear Today?

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April 3, 2017
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Ines de la Fressange is a fashion phenomenon who started as a runway and print model, morphed into the face and muse of Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, became a French icon when she “gave” her face to the bust of Marianne (a symbol of the French Republic), became a designer, then to become a retailer, next to be a brand ambassador for Roger Vivier, and lastly an author with the help of her colleague Sophie Gachet. The two have authored several books aimed at women who appreciate the “French” style of dressing and attitude and strive to be of that school of dressing whether shopping locally or visiting Paris or just to have that air about them.

The latest of their efforts, Parisian Chic Look Book, is a blueprint for how to dress and what to wear and when to wear it. While books based on this subject usually ask the reader to refurbish their wardrobes and think more about what items are of the moment, these authors instead ask the reader to hone in on a set of basics and literally show you how these great basics can work for almost any occasion when assembled in a certain way.

If there are deficits to be found here, they would be that what the book doesn’t offer is attitude. French women have always had a “je ne sais quoi,” their carriage and attitude, that makes them the envy of other women and objects of desire. This intangible quality cannot be explained or acquired by reading a book.

Another noticeable aspect of the book to any intrepid follower of fashion or fashion reader is that so many of images might as well have Ms. de la Fressange’s head photo shopped on as there are few if any that one can’t imagine her wearing for almost any occasion. In essence, she has made herself the personification of that “Parisian Look” which is not a bad thing especially since she does practice what she preaches.

At any rate, the book has something to offer as it displays a very modern take on how to dress on an everyday basis. For once, it is a book that doesn’t speak of Hermes bags and Louboutin shoes or Chloe this or Gucci that and that is why the book is truly about personal style and fashion. The authors wisely speak of jeans or a white shirt or a slim black skirt etc.—all of unknown origins.

Parisian Chic Look Book is a wakeup call to the fashion obsessed as well as something that young women who are just starting to build a wardrobe might benefit from. This is not a fashion bible nor is it a DO’s and DON’Ts kind of book as its appeal is basic yet specific so if you believe that “les femmes Française” are about as chic as it gets, then hurry on down and grab up a copy to take home.