Paris for Men

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May 16, 2012
Hachette Livre Editions du Chene
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“. . . a mighty fun read . . .”

He was a true Parisian. Careless, sceptical, changing, trainable, energetic and irresolute. He was capable of everything and nothing.” —Guy De Maupassant

The above quote more or less sums up what Mr. Richard offers us in Paris for Men. Within the flaps of this book we are given examples, advice, hints, and maybe even what one might equate to “insider trading” as to what it takes to be a gentleman of style in Paris—a real, live, dyed in the wool Parisian.

For the sartorialists, there is advice on where and how to buy the best shirts, where to find the cheapest ties, where to go for the finest bespoke suits, and even places to have one’s shoes shined into wearable mirrors.

For the more outdoorsy types, we are advised on the perfect jogging path and “jog-centric” shopping, tennis courts in the city, the perfect spot for a solitary stroll, or the ultimate route for a walk with someone special. Mr. Richard even goes so far as to tell us the best place to go when one needs a moment of reflection or perhaps just to soak in the most Parisian of Paris’ sights.

In order to achieve this perfect Parisian being, we are introduced to the finest of pens and stationery, the ultimate cufflinks, fragrances, bespoke watchbands, and even the best places to have one’s hair cut. Apparently, Mr. Richard has left no avenue or rue unexplored as he even suggests where to window shop and where to dine alone—even where to smoke or buy cigars.

For those of us who might be more gastronomically inclined, he has offered up where to dine for Sunday lunch, where to eat the best oysters, buy the best wines, and dine fireside. Mr. Richard is further assisted by Parisian personalities who offer their favorite activities or spots or habits—a very different kind of travel book.

Paris for Men
is a mighty fun read if you love all things Parisian and strive to achieve the savvy, self-contained, casual yet chic, elegant, and confident style of a real Parisian gentleman.