Out of the Black

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Release Date: 
August 27, 2013
Thomas & Mercer
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“. . . more twists than a pretzel . . .”

John Rector is quickly becoming a master of suspense and drama. His last novel, Already Gone, was a book that caused readers to spend the night reading rather than sleeping. Out of the Black is destined to do the same.

A bestselling author and International Thriller Award winner for his novella Lost Things, John Rector’s books are gritty and contain characters that send chills up one’s spine. Ruthless and soulless, his villains will scare even the most seasoned thriller readers.

In Out of the Black the author introduces readers to Matt Caine, a man destroyed by the death of his wife and in debt to the wrong people. Cursed with having dark friends, Matt is persuaded by one of them to participate in a scheme that will yield enough money to pay their bills and then some.

Despite what seems to be a well-planned crime, the victim turns out to be the hapless lawbreakers’ worst nightmare. The tables are quickly turned and the journey to hell begins.

Out of the Black is not for the faint of heart. John Rector vividly describes murder and mayhem like no other. His scenes are akin to an auto wreck that is gruesome and bloody, yet difficult to ignore.

Just when you think the story can’t get any more complicated, it does. It has more twists than a pretzel, but is much more satisfying. This tale seems perfect to transition to the big screen with someone like Bruce Willis in the leading role.