Ninja Bunny

Image of Ninja Bunny
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June 9, 2015
Knopf Books for Young Readers
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"Jennifer Gray Olson's Ninja Bunny is sure to delight young warriors of all stripes."

Ninja Bunny is a fierce warrior—at least as fierce as a hapless bunny can get. And the only way to be a super awesome ninja like he is to follow some very stringent rules.

A super awesome ninja must always work alone. He must be sneaky and able to handle himself in the most perilous situations. He must be strong and know how to do everything from becoming invisible to knowing how to escape. It's not an easy job.

But lest you think that this little bunny is too awesome for others to even dream of emulating, the gorgeous illustrations add a level of humor and whimsy by showing how ninja bunny is just as prone to accidental mishaps as the rest of the bunnies—maybe even moreso. Jennifer Gray Olson's images vibrate with activity as our little bunny goes from one warrior task to another. With clever use of shading and perspective, she manages to imbue our main character with tons of personality.

It is important to note that while I use the pronoun for a male bunny, the bunny's gender is never actually given away, meaning that girl bunnies can learn to be just as super awesome.

With an aspirational title like this, the rules laid out—all eleven of them—are more than helpful, serving as a guide to fuel imaginations for many hours of super awesome ninja play. And the final twist at the end brings all the lessons home. 

Jennifer Gray Olson's Ninja Bunny is sure to delight young warriors of all stripes.