Night Job

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September 10, 2018
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In the book Night Job a father brings his son to work with him at a school, where he works as a custodian during the overnight shift every Friday night.

The long dimly lit hallways cast soft liquid shadows of mops, pails, and brooms while the “thump thump thump” of a basketball echoes in the vast empty gymnasium. There is something almost magical about being in an unoccupied building at night.  What might be frightening to experience alone becomes special shared time when accompanied by your dad, making you feel loved and safe.

“Dad hauls out a ring of keys as big as the rising moon. He opens the door, and the building sighs. ‘Come’, it whispers to us.”

As the dad diligently cleans, the boy occupies his time by playing close by or helping with the nightly chores. Away from the sounds and distractions of television and electronic devices, the boy and his father share quality time together.

The mutual love and care they have for each other shines through as they enjoy a special late night snack of “egg salad sandwiches, with their triple dollop of mayo and a heaping teaspoon of chopped pickle.” Obviously a shared favorite.

The illustrations by G. Brian Karas are charming, with the soft, muted colors reminiscent of night time and lend themselves well to the whole quiet rhythm of the book. Night Job is calming and gentle . . . the perfect bedtime story to snuggle up with a child and read in a hushed voice that will surely lull them to sleep.