A New Language For Life: Happy No Matter What!

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October 1, 2012
Morgan James Publishing
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“. . . learn to express yourself in a language that is in alignment with your true nature.”

A fresh look at finding your authentic self, A New Language for Life: Happy No Matter What!, is predicated on the belief that “each of us has the ability to raise the level of our consciousness, and that the cumulative effect of that effort will benefit humanity.”

How we choose to live affects our happiness in life, and radically changing the way we view ourselves will determine what we achieve. Our birth language places limits on us with expectations and beliefs that drive us away from awareness. Realizing this is key to creating new insights.

As you read this book you will learn, above all, to be compassionate with yourself.

Award-winning author Louis Koster, M.D. has a distinguished background in public health and over ten years with Doctors Without Borders, where he worked in war zones.

As life propels us forward, we may get that sinking feeling that how we’ve chosen to live every day is not what really matters. Instinctively, we know we are not as truly happy as we could be.

This was the case with Dr. Koster, as his life experiences taught him he “was seeing things the wrong way and was holding life the wrong way.” He eventually learned that if he could pursue things he was passionate about, he could reclaim his authentic freedom. Once he realized he was the source of his entrapments, he was able to set himself free.

Dr. Koster’s compelling story can aid anyone seeking to get more meaning out of life.

We can be happy, no matter what, only if we are able to transcend the limits of language and grow into a life of integrity. Dr. Koster spends a great deal of time helping us understand how to acquire a life in which we trust ourselves and enjoy a more fulfilled life in alignment with the natural world in a language that supports us—a language of “being and synchronicity.” We learn the harsh realities of our birth language, which fails to allow us to recognize we do have choices beyond others’ expectations of us.

Chapter 22 is a chapter to read and reread, offering useful ways to assess our own weaknesses and learn how to move beyond resentment and grow into forgiveness.

A New Language for Life is a book to savor and spend time with as it helps you shape the rest of your life as your authentic self, when you choose to dwell in the space of fulfillment of your intentions.

The reward? You “no longer express yourself in language that is accusatory (a language of blaming, finding fault, shoulds and musts, or in a language of complaining).”

Instead you learn to express yourself in a language that is in alignment with your true nature.

The book includes chapter questions to help you shift your language for life, as well as rich backmatter and web resources.