Make Your Mark: The New Urban Artists

Image of Make Your Mark: The New Urban Artists
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April 12, 2016
Thames & Hudson
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Make Your Mark is an extraordinary collection of work that will leave a lasting impression.”

There’s art and there’s urban art. If your tastes veer toward mind blowing, original, and wildly diverse, you will be enthralled by Make Your Mark.

Author Tristan Manco highlights exceptional artists from around the globe, artists whose works hit the mark because they push creative boundaries in every respect. The works in this volume are authentic outpourings of creative genius, inventively executed, produced with an eye toward location and the surrounding human condition.

Manco clarifies that these are urban artists, and he is not talking about graffiti. While graffiti is a powerful influence, and more than half of the artists have background in or work with graffiti, street art, or mural painting, this particular collection is an evolved form of street art that radiates technical sophistication and freewheeling creativity.

The 45 artists showcased in Make Your Mark are from Copenhagen, Valencia, Montreal, Paris, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Brazil, and more. Each artist has a distinct style and original voice. The diverse offerings serve up a visual feast that will make any art enthusiast’s eyes pop. Manco’s accompanying editorials briefly describe each artist’s influences and creative objectives.

Artists are loosely grouped in three categories, Drawing, Painting and Make. Drawing is characterized by sinewy lines, a distinctive color palette, and complex narratives. These works sport a frenzied energy filled with shapes that are abstract, organic and gestural.

Painting is where street and graffiti feed into fine art. Some of these are murals, tattoo art, cartoons, and textile art adapted to a specific location influenced by local color and subject. There is a strong sense of artist collaborating with the environment.

The works in Make represent an array of methods and materials, small models, sculpture, installations, pop art, and mixed media. It’s a diverse lot—all exciting to view.

Tristan Manco has assembled a fabulous collection of exhilarating art that one would otherwise never have the opportunity to experience in one place. Moving through the pages, from one artist to the next, the reader is struck by an earthquake of unparalleled creativity. Urban artists make their mark because they produce from the heart with their broad spectrum of viewers in mind. Make Your Mark is an extraordinary collection of work that will leave a lasting impression.