Love, Mouserella

Image of Love, Mouserella
Release Date: 
September 14, 2011
Nancy Paulsen Books
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Little Mouserella is sad. She misses Grandmouse, her grandmother, who has returned to her own home. Mouserella’s mom suggests she write a letter to tell her grandmother what she has done since her grandmother’s departure.

Mouserella does not know what to write. She doodles a bit, drawing flowers on an empty page as she thinks about what she can tell her grandmother. Then she thinks of the beaded belt she is making, which is almost finished. She adds information about Willy, her caterpillar.

As Mouserella remembers the trip to the zoo the day before, she writes about her encounter with a big cat. Other adventures shared include building a wall of blocks in her room to make a barricade to keep her brother Ernie, out, and teaching her ladybug to fetch.

Hoping to make Grandmouse happy, Mouserella lets her know she has been practicing exercises for her posture. She also draws a picture of a cave with a grandmouse, though she says it is not her grandmother.

Though she writes that nothing much of interest is going on, Mouserella manages to recollect quite a bit for her grandmouse—much to a child reader’s delight.

Mr. Stein has penned and illustrated an enchanting book that youngsters will enjoy. The book cover is designed to resemble an envelope and the pages within, depicted as notebook paper, are filled with whimsical drawings showing the life of a little city mouse who loves and misses her beloved grandmother.