The Letters: A Novel

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August 1, 2013
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“. . . simple yet moving, faith-driven story . . .”

Suzanne Woods Fisher launches a new series with her latest novel The Letters. Her army of fans is sure to enjoy this refreshing tale of a family in dire financial straits, and in particular, Rose Schrock, as she devises a plan to ease their burden.

A subject matter expert on Amish relationships by virtue of her nonfiction books about the subject, as well as her internet radio show, Amish Wisdom, Ms. Fisher peels back the layer of secrecy surrounding the Amish lifestyle. She immediately engages the reader, introducing us to an eclectic group of people who live simply, forgoing necessities such as electricity and phones.

Illness, death, love, betrayal and disappointment are but a few of the trials the Amish family in The Letters must overcome.

The book’s main character, Rose Shrock, is depressed and forlorn by her husband’s death. Even more disturbing than questions surrounding how he died, Rose later learns that he had swindled dozens of Amish out of their savings. Rose is determined to make things right. She devises a plan to develop the unused basement of the family farmhouse into a bed and breakfast.

Her quest to establish her new business becomes a difficult task. Her mother-in-law, Vera, fights her every inch of the way. But Rose has an ally in her neighbor, Galen King. An honest, dependable man, Galen helps Rose make the basement conversion and in the process begins to see his friend in an entirely different light.

This simple yet moving, faith-driven story is comforting and satisfying. Readers will enjoy the lessons learned by both children and adults faced with life’s challenges and disappointments.

The Letters, like all of Ms. Fisher’s novels, focuses on family and Amish spirituality. True to her style, Ms. Fisher leaves the door open at the B&B for further stories to unfold at Eagle Hill.