The Lesson: A Novel

Image of The Lesson: A Novel (Stoney Ridge Seasons)
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January 1, 2013
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“. . . a refreshing read with a message of hope, love, and redemption . . .”

The Lesson is the third book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series. Even if the reader has not read books one and two, The Lesson ably stands on its own. Well written with a diverse cast of well-developed characters, Lessons is a very satisfying story.

The book’s protagonist, 19-year-old Mary Kate Lapp, also known as, M. K., is at an awkward stage in her life. Not quite grown, and hardly mature enough to enter adulthood, she is nevertheless thrust into a teaching position after the current teacher becomes ill.

With little faith in her ability to adequately serve in this important role, M.K. begins her teaching career quite inauspiciously. The shaky beginning notwithstanding, M. K. grows into one of the best teachers the Amish community of Stoney Ridge has ever had.

The author provides this wonderful tale with an interesting array of events to include murder, gambling, theft, and deceit—hardly what one would expect to find in a sleepy Amish community. But M. K., much to the chagrin of her family and the local sheriff, somehow has a role in each, fancying herself a would-be detective.

When a stranger shows up in town, M. K. is confident she has solved the biggest crime that ever occurred in her town; however, the mysterious man turns out to be someone who captures everyone’s heart—and eventually M. K.’s as well.

Suzanne Fisher does a nice job of foreshadowing events as the story develops, pulling readers subconsciously into the next chapter. Her dialogue is quite convincing as she uses the unique Amish language in key spots to make the story even more realistic. She treats the reader to an interesting inside look at the Amish culture and family.

The Lesson is a refreshing read with a message of hope, love, and redemption—a message that will leave readers satisfied and smiling.