Leopard: Fashion's Most Powerful Print

Image of Leopard: Fashion's Most Powerful Print
Release Date: 
October 16, 2018
Laurence King Publishing
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In less than a six-month period there have been two books devoted to one of the most ubiquitous aspects or quirks of fashion: the leopard print. While Fierce: The History of Leopard Print failed to capture the intended subject matter with any authority and substance, Hillary Alexander’s Leopard: Fashion's Most Powerful Print certainly more than makes her case and guarantees a more compelling read.

Any fashionphile or fashion reader knows that leopard print continues to be a pattern that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so for generations to come where fashion is concerned. Alexander proffers not only the history and significance of the animal itself but also gives the reader clear proof that the print has been an essential part of fashion design since the beginning of time.

The images are crystal clear but seem to lean on the more contemporary use of the pattern rather than the historical meaning so that some of the omissions are as obvious as the inclusions. For most readers this will really not detract from the topic but this devoted fashionphile, reader and reviewer was somewhat miffed by the visuals that were not part of the story as told by Alexander.

The take away is that this is a fun read; great for gift giving and just a simple, easy book from which you might even gain some knowledge aside from enjoying the more than adequate visuals. All in all, the only reason not to read this book is if you have an aversion to the print, which is rarer than hen’s teeth among the fashion conscious these days considering that the print appears in everything from haute couture to fast fashion, to children’s and toddler wear, to home furnishings and even menswear. Let’s just say leopard print is to be found in just about any and every fashion related category.