Just One Night Part 2: Exposed—A Novel

Release Date: 
March 18, 2013
Pocket Star Books
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“Ms. Davis’s novella . . . gives 50 Shades of Grey a run for its money.”

Love it or hate it, sex sells.

Author Kyra Davis happily realized that recently when her book, The Stranger, an erotic first novella in the Just One Night trilogy made her the #1 bestselling contemporary romance author on Kindle Amazon after only eight weeks.

Odds are in her favor that this second novella, Exposed, will race to the top in record time.

When we last left our sexually awakened heroine Kasie Fitzgerald, she had decided to walk away from the oh-so-hot-and extremely rich Mr. Robert Dade because she is engaged to be married.

Unfortunately for her, Dave, her jerk of a fiancé, is waiting and watching and drags her back to his apartment like a caveman to mentally torture her.

Fortunately for Kasie and the reader, she stops being afraid and guilt-ridden about her affair and stands up for herself, because, you know, great sex is great sex!

“I should have thought of Dave when Robert sat down by my side. Dave, the man who I’ve been dating for six years, the man who wants to make me his wife. I should have remembered my commitments before I opened my body for Robert on that Vegas night. But Robert, he unleashed an animal from within me, one that clawed his back and bit his neck. I didn’t know what kind of beast it was. I didn’t understand the chaos it could unleash. And yet that chaos had been so sweet.”


And so, like all great romance books, the titillating volley back and forth continues. Robert Dade pursues Kasie. She tries to fight off her feelings of desire, but soon melts into his arms . . . and other body parts . . . because this is after all erotic fiction.

Dave the fiancé doesn’t give up and does his best to ruin her life. Kasie’s female coworker betrays her and comes on to her. A male coworker threatens her—and comes on to her. She breaks up with Mr. Dade again, but just as quickly passion overtakes her and once again they are having sex like nobody’s business.

Sex, guilt, passion, betrayal, revenge, and orgasms—lots and lots of orgasms—fill every page of Ms. Davis’s novella as she gives 50 Shades of Grey a run for its money.

For readers who’ve never picked up an erotic romance novel, this volleying might drive you crazy, but the sex more than makes up for the often frustrating plot lines.

“We’re not over,” he says and I respond with a moan. “Did you think we were? Do you think I can’t see the invitation in your smile, in the way you shiver just slightly when I get near? You think I can’t hear it in the quiet that comes when you can’t quite get yourself to deliver the scripted denial or well-wrought protest? I can read your body like a blind man reads brail.”

More often than not, Kasie is a little too undecided, and you might find yourself yelling at her to just kick the fiancé to the curb—and in the nuts—and run off with the rich guy with the great sex moves, but then the book would be over and you would have to go back to reading literature.

And that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.