Juergen Teller and Nicolas Ghesquière: Season Three

Image of Juergen Teller and Nicolas Ghesquière: Season Three
Release Date: 
January 25, 2016
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Apparently this is the third book in a series celebrating the continuing collaboration of Juergen Teller and Nicolas Ghesquière. So given that information, the reader should be a fan of either of these two or very much into the clothes that represent the Louis Vuitton label.

The book is really just a visual diary of the Vuitton advertising campaign with an almost total absence of any text. If you are not a fan of Ghesquière or Teller then you must at least be a photography aficionado. The book is a vanity publication probably financed by LVMH. In my opinion this is something that should have been sent to very loyal Vuitton clients.

On the positive side, the photos are significant as they not only depict the clothes but also the inspirations as well as details of the handbags and clothes. Teller is a photographer who usually uses his images to tell a story, but here the story is all about the brand and the designer and the designer’s vision.

The book is beautifully executed which surely works in its favor, it’s just too bad that the content is not more engaging and compelling to more diverse readers. It is a rare moment when a book of this genre could actually benefit from additional text, but this book surely could have used the assist.

Unless you have an abiding addiction to all things Vuitton or photography by Juergen Teller, then this is a book that you can just pass on.