Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! It's Shoe Time!

Image of It's Shoe Time! (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading!)
Release Date: 
November 6, 2017
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Some early reading books can lack color and personality while teaching early language skills and concepts. But when Elephant and Piggie are involved, fun is never in short supply.

It’s Shoe Time, a Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie Like Reading Book, is no exception. A charming story about a little girl picking the perfect pair of shoes for a day with daddy, It’s Shoe Time not only introduces reading skills but also teaches the concepts of matching, pairs, and left and right. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s a story that proves that expressing yourself in a unique way and making your mark on the world is welcome.

Will she choose boots, sneakers, ballet shoes, or flip flops? When the little girl picks a mismatched set, the two remaining shoes go on an adventure to warn her that she has made a terrible mistake—until they learn, in a heartwarming twist, that her daddy, too, is wearing mismatched shoes!

This entertainingly illustrated tale is narrated intermittently by Elephant and Piggie who add even more life to this story that is sure to hold young readers’ attention from the first page to the last, an essential component to any successful first reading book. Children will want to come back to the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading series again and again!