In the Indian Night Sky (Hathi Chiti's Tales of India)

Image of In the Indian Night Sky (Hathi Chiti's Tales of India)
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October 16, 2010
Hathi Chiti Books for Kids
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Sun, Moon, and Wind are all invited to a feast to celebrate the coming of the monsoon. They are each asked to bring something back to their mother Star of the North Sky since she will light the way for them. However not everyone remembers to do so. Only one of her children will be rewarded for their loyalty when they return.

In a classic folktale about how the Sun, Moon, and Wind got their place, Reshma Sapre continues to delight with time-honored tales from the land of India.

In the Indian Night Sky is a classically written folk tale creating a magical explanation for the nature of the sky. Children will delight in its beautiful black ink pages with silver metallic and primary color drawings that jump off the page.

Illustrator Jayme Robinson has taken a modern approach in the artwork for this picture book that contrasts nicely in some ways with the text and somewhat oddly in others. While the color scheme pops for the reader, some of the objects pictured seem to clash with the very traditional wording of the story. In the end, while the mix of modern and traditional seems a novel idea, the art comes across as slightly inconsistent.

Sapre’s amazing rhythm and ability to create that traditional wording and atmosphere save this picture book—and make it one worth reading.