Harold's Hungry Eyes

Image of Harold's Hungry Eyes
Release Date: 
May 16, 2016
Phaidon Press
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Harold’s Hungry Eyes is a deliciously adorable book about a Boston Terrier named Harold whose mind is always on the next meal. Author Kevin Waldron debuts as a children’s author in this tempting book about Harold who dreams, thinks, and chases after food. The simple text and formatting layout are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and the imagery has the simple and evocative style of Ludwig Bemelmans (author and illustrator of Madeline). Waldron uses a collage of food photography overlaid on his images of pen and acrylic, turning the postbox into an oven with a turkey inside of it, a streetlamp into a sundae, and a water tower into a muffin on a stand.

One day Harold’s favorite chair in which to while away his food dreams has been taken by the trash collectors. This bold Boston Terrier wastes no time in following his chair, meanwhile seeing food everywhere he goes, after all, he hasn’t yet had breakfast! Harold eventually uses his nose and eyes to find his way home, recalling the delicious scents of the street to lead him home and to a brand new couch.

There is a lot to be talked about in Harold’s Hungry Eyes, among them is the theme of responsible pet ownership: What happens if your pet gets lost? How will you find him again? What sorts of precautions can you take? What sorts of human food is healthy or safe for a pet? How do you prevent obesity in your pet? Opportunities about for parents to talk with children about having a dog and a dog’s needs and requirements.

In this 32-page hardcover picture book, the pages alternate colors in the same family and are pleasing to the eye, with the pertinent items standing out in color or bold against the backdrop. Children will love this book and so will adults. The storyline is simple and easy to follow and makes for a great story time book for public librarians or school teachers. Adult fans of Boston Terriers will want to add this book to their collection of paraphernalia. This book is intended for children four to eight years of age, but anyone who loves Boston Terriers will want this.