How to Wear Jewelry: 55 Styles

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April 4, 2016
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The funny thing about books of this ilk is that the advice or instruction, as it were, is only as good or as credible as its source. Consider taking plumbing advice from a veterinarian. Get the point?

Having spent more than a decade in and around the jewelry business as a buyer, designer, and merchandiser, this reviewer finds that there are many aspects of Jinnie Lee’s book which more than conceivably cast doubt as to the veracity of this “how-to” manual. A supposed authority on any topic must speak the language of that given topic and abide by all its standards and practices.

Christian Dior said "Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don't show." Vivienne Westwood said it well: "Buy less, choose well," even if according to Lee more is better. It is quotes such as these by legends and icons of fashion that most assuredly blow holes in Lee’s fashion advice and styling tips.

On a more positive note, How to Wear Jewelry does offer some great information for total novices. Some definitions like precious stone cuts and various classifications of fashion jewelry are expressed in lay terms, which is great.

The biggest sticking point is that so much of what is offered is really common sense. Then there is some information that is totally erroneous or possibly even unintentionally fabricated by the author to suit her purposes. There is a standard lexicon or vocabulary that is germane to every business, and what Lee fails to do is use the industry accepted definitions of the terminology for the jewelry business whether fashion or precious jewelry. The author credits herself as an authority.

With all this said, it’s also difficult to determine the target audience of How to Wear Jewelry. On a happier note, the illustrations are certainly more than adequate given the text.