Image of GilesSolveKatie
Release Date: 
June 26, 2018
Laurence King Publishing
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The recipe for the success of this monograph is equal parts Giles Deacon (brilliantly talented and visionary designer), Katie Grand (muse, editor and stylist for the biggest names in fashion) and Sølve Sundsbø (abundantly talented photographer). Take note here that these three, who are laser focused on the visual, collaborated on this book that will render the reader hungry for more.

Now, mix the above ingredients and stir until you have GilesSølveKatie which answers the question of “what happens when you serve up three of fashion’s most talented creatives with text and imagery to yield one of the most important books of 2018 in the genre of fashion?”

Given its physical size, GilesSølveKatie is nothing short of spectacular on a visual level. The text is written by one or any combination of the three authors, which offers context for nearly every image. The content of the text is informative, amusing, factual, and kept to a minimum which only intensifies the visual impact yielding its greatest potency.

Deacon states, literally on page one that he hopes the book will not be seen as a “retrospective” and this reader/reviewer can unabashedly state that this book is an unbelievable statement, maybe chronicle, of talent created by three enormously visionary professionals whose work involves three different aspects of fashion. The reader has the option to evaluate the content on either a design level, a photographer’s skill set, or most certainly from a styling perspective, or to see this volume as an ode to the art and craft of fashion, as an oeuvre of each individual’s work.

Without the slightest hesitation it can be predicted that this will be one of the most compelling books of its genre in 2018, if not in the annals of the genre. So if you consider yourself among the fashion cognoscenti it would behoove you to run out and buy a book that over exceeds expectations—which is something that is becoming increasingly rare these days on any level.