A Floating Life: A Novel

Image of A Floating Life: A Novel
Release Date: 
September 1, 2012
Arcade Publishing
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Imagination takes flight from the first scene, in which our nameless narrator finds himself in proximity to a one-eyed restaurant chef who leads him into a sauna.

When he enters the room already naked, he, as if in a Woody Allen movie, presumes he must have forgotten to get dressed that morning. Soon he encounters a woman complaining to him at a party, only to realize that she is his wife. This is 21st century magical realism, a carnival ride through fiction with fast-paced storytelling.

The author, Tad Crawford, writes both fiction and nonfiction, has received a National Endowment for the Arts award, and works in publishing. His refreshing style brings surprise and fun back into fiction. Whether the protagonists exists in reality or a man in an altered state, the dialogue is hilarious and the language and imagery are delightful.

From the urban fantasy involved in finding a suitable apartment in New York to the charming encounter with a model ship maker, we are swept into A Floating Life developing great affection for its narrator along the way.

Listening to the narrator's interior dialog when he is confounded almost daily by odd circumstances will have you laughing out loud. No need to feel sorry for this fellow, who seems to find a startling or humorous surprise at every wrong turn.

While reading A Floating Life, your mind will play tricks on you—but in the end you’ll be highly rewarded.