The Finest Menswear in the World: The Craftsmanship of Luxury

Image of The Finest Menswear in the World: The Craftsmanship of Luxury
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February 15, 2016
Thames & Hudson
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The Finest Menswear in the World is not about mere men’s fashion as it is commonly thought of; this monograph is about men’s fashion that transcends our common perception of such. This book is about the artistry of creating apparel and accessories. It is also a paean to the brands and legacies that Mr. Crompton has shared with the reader. There is no question that even the savviest and well informed of men’s fashion aficionados will find at least some of these names unknown to them.

Crompton addresses those who possess the budget, the sensibilities, and the comprehension of why these incredible brands have earned and maintain the descriptor of “the finest.” If the truth be known, “the finest” is an understated phrase when speaking of any one of these makers. This highly curated selection of manufacturers and purveyors of menswear offer what few others in the world can compare to and for that alone, this book is an amazing treasure trove of shared knowledge and discovery. Each of these brands reveals a skill set in some aspect of production from concept to delivery that may be comparable to others but is also at the top of their respective game.

This rather capsule assessment of “the finest” might be too technical, too esoteric, or even too pretentious for some readers. This reviewer found The Finest Menswear in the World to be an enlightening, engrossing, and totally absorbing read. Without a doubt, the preferred reader would be one who is thirsty to learn but possesses a reasonable foundation in the world of bespoke menswear as well as an understanding of this particular method of manufacture. One might even go so far as to say that these 14 names are a majority of what might be considered the Holy Grail of sartorial wish lists in menswear.