Fashion Agenda by Karl: 2016 Calendar

Image of Fashion Agenda by Karl: 2016
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July 14, 2015
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If you know anything about the life and career of Karl Lagerfeld you know that when anything is in his hands you must expect the unexpected.  

Firstly, it should be noted that this is an international agenda with holidays that range from full moons to daylight savings times, but in all quadrants of the world, to schedules for fashion weeks, for men and women, in Milan, New York, and Paris. Then of course as would only be fitting for any Lagerfeld creation, we are notified of bank holidays in Europe and New Zealand as well as the Day of Reconciliation in South Africa and of course Choupette’s birthday—and that is just a hint of what this calendar contains.

If you have ever read The World According to Karl, then you already know that Karl is never short on words let alone his bon mots and opinions on all things life as well as fashion. The reader must absolutely appreciate Lagerfeld’s sense of irony, his sarcasm, and his omnipresent universe of opinions and pronouncements. It would be difficult to not literally laugh out loud to hear these words spoken let alone read.

“Luxury isn’t the opposite of poverty; it’s the opposite of vulgarity.”

“If I could be reborn as fashion accessory, I’d be a shopping bag.”

“Everything is fashion! No one escapes it. If you’ve escaped it, you’re in a bargain bin!”

These are but a tease of what you get every week as well as one special pronouncement or thought for every month . . .

“Vacations are for people who are bored all year long!” This of course is for July, the beginning of summer vacations for most.

If ever there was a fabulous gift for those who love fashion, look no further. Actually it is even a pretty great present for yourself to be amused if not cajoled into laughter every week and at the start of every month.